Allergen info


Our pizza contains gluten (wheat) and milk. Veggie option is vegetarian. Tomato sauce contains chives and garlic in very small percentage. Flour we use may contain traces of soy.

Our Biscoff brownie is suitable for vegetarians. It contains gluten from wheat, eggs and soy.

Truffle Mayo and Buttermilk ranch are suitable for vegetarians. Buttermilk ranch contains milk, eggs, garlic and chives. Truffle mayo contains eggs and may contain traces of soy, celery, nuts, milk, fish and molluscs.

Have in mind that our pizzas are made in the kitchen where we use nuts, soy, sesame, eggs, celery as well as other allergens. The allergy data is deprived from suppliers specifications on the allergenic ingredients that have intentionally been added to the final food product. We are taking all the steps to ensure that Allergen info is accurate. We cannot guarantee that any product is 100℅ free from any allergen due to the risk of cross-contamination in production and supply.